yvonne kennedy

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Totally unrelated, but WAHEY, found the paper with my password on it ;D (Also, was logging in as the wrong e-mail boo 3:)

Strangely hypnotising; thus, Song of the week for me I think.

Totally unrelated, to most things other than it makes me go "COLOUR!!" and "I need some more converse." Because seeing how I literally have 2 pairs of shoes to my name up here in Carlisle, it really is an understatment.

Jerome Masi's stuff is quite quirky.

Poster! With Converse Win win for me, Literally 8D Also, the message is quite heartwarmingly sweet.

It keeps redirecting me so i'm not sure /WHO/ did it

I don't think it's letting me add anymore in this one post, so I'll come back to it later. Also, I can actually form normal coherant sentences, and Yvonne if you read this at a later date, emoticon's aren't needed as much as you think they are, resist this urge!